PARTY in a BOX -

PARTY in a BOX -


Party in a BOX........YOU CHOOSE - what you put in this box , it can be anything you desire -


( 1 ) A dinner invitation to friends to come to your house where Chef Mark, from Comber Cuisine and I will present a creative menu , to your budget, for you and your guests.


( 2 ) IN SEASON - ( June to September )Truffle products such as Butter / Conserve ( salt ) / Extract with which to make your own Truffle Oil - all with delicious , cook at home recipe's for each item.


( 3 ) Vegan choices =   Choice of 4 x spreads,2 x flavours of Seed Crackers all perfect on a meat and or cheese platter plus Smoked Garlic salted Hazelnuts to munch with a glass of something.


( 4 )Selection of any product you have chosen and mixed,  for those well travelled and those experienced  Gourmet foodie friends.

  • PRICES =

    These boxes can be made to fit most budgets ......starting from as little as $60 .Usually 4 working days are required for processing.