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Truffle Dining Update -

Good morning , 5.56am is a little early especially on a Sunday morning however, it is my Arts Centre Market day today which although it does not start until 10.00am ,because we have had the most wonderful response to out Truffle events, I thought I would have a quick chat and bring everyone up to date.

Offering options on the venue for the evenings has opened more interest than we could ever have imagined so for those who are not aware of this I will explain.

Chef Mark and I aim to make each Truffle dining experience personal, fun and informative with food to titillate your taste buds.Atmosphere and surroundings play a large part in this scenario so having 10 guests in a hall that can hold 60 is not at all our idea.

This year we have 3 different approaches -all still based on Friday / Saturday evenings.

( 1 ) happy stay at homes - In your home ( mini. group 8 ) any night of the week

( 2 ) up to 15 guests then we go to Avebury House, Richmond.Fridays or Saturdays

( 3 ) up to 40 guests then we go to the Irish Hall , Spreydon.Fridays or Saturdays

( * ) Sunday lunches are also possible but has a minimum number of 12.

Now, the order book is filling up so here is the latest information specifically for those people that I met on Saturday and who need dates available and a little more time to organise their group.


JUNE - Friday 14th join an existing group at Avebury House.

Saturday 22nd / 29th open.

JULY - Friday 05th join an existing group at Avebury House.

Friday 12th / 19th / 26th open.

Saturday 06th /13 th /17 th open.

Saturday 27th join an existing group at Avebury house.

AUGUST - Saturday 03rd join an existing group at Avebury.

I do want to say a big thank you to all those who have already been entertained and who have taken the time to give us such positive feedback on this years menu , Chef Mark and I really appreciate all your lovely comments.

Look forward to seeing more of you, soon, "M"

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