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The days of Black are almost over !

SADLY this means we have closed the book on our Truffle Dinners.

It has been an amazing time for Chef Mark and I having been able to share this wonderful unique seasonal delicacy of Perigord Black Truffle from Wayne at Tewnion Truffiere with so many of you.

Next Saturday is out last evening and with a group of 26 "foodies" it should be a great night.

Mark and I have had nine weeks of intense activity not just with weekly events ( sometimes 2 a week ) but attending farmers markets where we have tried to give as many people as possible the chance to have a Truffle experience not only with Wayne's beautiful Fresh Truffle but by providing Truffle Infused Eggs / Truffle Butter and serving Truffle Scrambled Eggs, freshly cooked on Saturdays at Christchurch Farmers Market.

For a bit of fun we also ran a competition every week "How many Eggs does the jar hold " this offered a prize of 10g.Fresh Truffle which proved very popular. One more winner to be found then next week ( Sat.28th JULY ) will bring this to a close as well.

SO - A very sincere thank you to all who attended our evenings and it has been lovely receiving such positive feedback, we really appreciate you taking the time to send your congratulatory messages.

A big big smile for those who came back each week wanting to be " educated " by starting with Truffle Butter then Infused Eggs then buying a 6/7 g Truffle until confident enough to spend $70 / $80 knowing how to use it and enjoy it.

Where do we go from here ?

Although we have a private function booked in early August the host is aware we cannot guarantee Fresh Truffle so has accepted I will provide Truffle in as many other ways as possible, such as ,

Intense Truffle Butter / with 4 x the usual amount of truffle used.

Pure Truffle Olive Oil / our new Natural / Pure Truffle Olive oil.

Truffle Pesto /

Intense Truffle Paste /

Truffle Conserve /

THIS is where we go next - extending the enjoyment of Truffles through different mediums.

Exciting times are coming -

Keep connected so you will see the developments -


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