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Rare and Pure .

Launched on Saturday, quietly, smoothly, in style but without a lot of fuss -


NZ PURE , NATURAL , REAL TRUFFLE OLIVE OIL, ( certified by Hill Laboratories)

This came about through a TEAM effort -

Chris at Robinson Bay Olives , it is his award winning virgin olive oil we use.

Wayne at Tewnion Truffiere , whose reward for patient is top quality Perigord Black Truffles.

Then myself , who after 2 years of experimenting , found a way to put all this together and produce " pure magic".

This is an exceptional oil made using only Fresh REAL Canterbury Truffles with no chemicals , additives, or artificial ingredients whatsoever.

Do not expect the aggressive pungent aroma or sharp dry biting taste of the standard commercially produced artificial Truffle oil. Instead enjoy the subtle aroma then let your palette luxuriate in the smooth rich taste that has layers which expand on your tongue.

You can eat this Truffle oil with a spoon !!

For supply enquiries please contact me, Michelle ,on ..mgarlicandsalt@gmail,com

for the latest pictures ..please click on saveurdesel facebook.

Enjoy meeting Mr. Truffle as well - our new logo which has the slogan -

Look for Mr. Tuffle when sourcing Authentic,REAL , Quality NZ Truffle products.

ps. this is all so new I have yet to transfer the range of pictures onto the website for which I apologies.


Smooth, subtle, real.
PURE Truffle olive Oil

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