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FRENCHIE and FROGGIE at home for a Soiree Francaise

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

THIS has to be recorded-

Not only was it our last Truffle dinner - a private booking-

but it was a special evening with a group of people who have a particular "of the wall" sense of humour :) absolutely hilarious from beginning to end :):):)

The house being on different levels was a joy to decorate especially with valuable help from the hosts son.

From the entrance hall all the way up 2 flights of stairs and of course the table - everything had a Red / White /Blue theme..what else could it have been !

Wayne and Cassie managed to find 60g ( even this late in the season ) which was shared between each side of the dinner table and given to the guests to shave as much Truffle as they wished on their plate. This added a whole new dimension to the toasted cheese mini loaf with the French Onion soup and the warmed Camembert Cheese ,drizzled with Truffle Olive oil and served with a beautiful grilled Pear.

Froggie ,as host ,had chosen a range of beautiful wines to accompany the courses - I thoroughly approved of the champagne - thank you Sir Frog.

Host and Hostess after evening email message =

Thank you Michelle and Mark for a truly stunning evening. We were absolutely thrilled with how it all went! The food was exquisite and beautifully refined (unlike some of the costumes); the decorations were inspired and the narration on the food and truffles you both provided was pitch perfect! Thank you so much.  Culinary highlights are so hard to pick but Frenchie loved the beef and the cheese course and Froggie loved the soup, fish and beef in particular! 

Thank you for making the evening so special for us! You are an awesome team and you should celebrate your success this year! I know you’ll be hearing from us again so watch your back at the Riccarton Deans market! 

Now some pictures =

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