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After a year of tests and experimenting we have done it - a new product.

TRUFFLE EXTRACT - highly concentrated " paste" .

The equivalent of 50g FRESH TRUFFLE , for making REAL Truffle Olive oil.

No chemicals.

Make a safe, fresh, Truffle olive oil any time at home.Alter the strength to suit the dish ie-

light for Salmon, robust for Venison.

This is the first year, the first test batch so we only produced 12 pots.

5 Sold to date......

1 enquiry outstanding.....

6 left ...( 20 Aug )

no more till next year but we will make lots next year now we have a proven method..

Recommended Retail price of 50g Fresh Truffle = minimum $ 175.00.

Retail price of the Extract = $ 85.00....

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