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BUG BLOG........

We are all affected but it does not mean we have to go without treats.

I have a new slogan - SALT KILLS GERMS -- so - EAT MORE SALT Ha!

Obviously you have to take this with a "pinch of salt "

Ooooh! sorry for the intended pun but couldn't resist it.

I have had delivery of a box of Ready to Post bags ,directly from the Post Office ,which means you can at least refill your Sea Salt blends ,ordering online in the usual way.

I am also offering a free sample of a different blend of your choice,with every order, as a treat while we are all in isolation. I don't know about you but I am certainly spending more time cooking, eating and generally being more focused on food, flavours, new recipe's so this is my idea on how I can show support all you "Salt Mine Gang " members during this difficult time.

As you know I am part of the Collective at Riverside Market - they are also doing everything they can to help everyone keep up supplies.Kirsten from the Riverside Kitchen is co-ordinating boxes of provisions plus Riverside are about to offer a voucher system where the pre-purchased voucher would be redeemed once we re-open giving you the chance for excellent savings.Keep an eye on the Riverside Website for more on this.

take care, keep safe, "M"

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